Our Giving Channels


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can give through the week.

Our offices are open every Weekday from 0800 HRS to 1700 HRS

You can also give during our Morning Glory and Lunch Hour Services at the Town Annex

A Tithe is 10% of all your Increase

When God gives you income after you last tithed, 10% of that income is your tithe.

You should not tithe from designated money such as School fees and House Rent

What if you have both a Salary and a Business?

You should pay a tithe from your salary as well as from your business profits.

If you desire for God to bless both, you should tithe from both.

Where do you pay your tithe?

Tithe should be paid to the house of God where they feed you.

If you eat at the Sheraton, you don't pay at the Intercontinental.

What about First Fruits?

The first produce of God's blessing on you is your first fruit.

The first mature harvest of a season, The first calf, The first Egg collection, The first day's profits from your business, Your first salary etc

Can I give my Tithe to an Orphanage?

Every giving gets it's name from its purpose.

Money paid to a School: Fees, To a hospital: Bill, For Transport: Fare, To the Needy: Alms, 10% of your Increase: Tithe.