To support this ministry...

We welcome you to support this Ministry through your donations and gifts through the following Channels

  • Hand Delivery

    Physical presentation of your giving and donation to our main church office
  • Equity Bank

    AC/No. 034 029 060 9691
    Destiny Ministries International

    Acc/No. 034 026 171 8904
    Destiny Missions Fund
  • M-Kanisa

    Follow these steps to contribute through M-kanisa:
    Step 1: Go to your M-Pesa Menu
    Step 2: Select Payment Services
    Step 3: Select Pay Bill
    Step 4: Enter business number 222118
    Step 5: Enter account number
    for Tithe: DMI#T
    for Donation: DMI#D
    for a Special Need: DMI#N
    for Payment: DMI#P
    Step 6: Enter amount
    Step 7: Enter PIN ****
    Step 8: Send and wait for confirmation message